Retroactive VR at Berlin Gamesweek 2017

This year’s edition of Gamesweek Berlin took place for the first time after the most common VR systems had established their market presence by the end of 2016. It was therefore of particular interest to take a closer look at upcoming business perspectives for VR at the developer conference Quo Vadis, to observe if there is a repositioning for VR at the more artist oriented A MAZE festival, and to look out for
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Benchmarking VR at CeBIT 2017

The annual show for consumer and business electronics in Hannover offered quite some surprises in this year’s edition: the fair ground of business activities seemed to be smaller than in previous years, whereas the show’s business fields of digital economies seem to expand every year into more everyday application areas. There was no Microsoft hall to be found on the fair ground this year, but there were
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VR gets casual at Casual Connect Europe 2017

Casual Connect made station in Berlin’s The Station to kick off the media business year 2017 with a major event full of lectures, panels, demos, show floor participants and meeting opportunities. The show is mainly focused on monetizing and marketing casual games on mobile platforms. Although Virtual Reality does not belong to the main revenue streams of the casual gaming section, yet, VR already was noticeable
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VR With The Best – Fall 2016

The end of pivotal year 2016 for VR is nearing, and just before switching to even more crucial year 2017 for VR, a highly interesting online conference for developers summed up the current media situation and prepared for the next waves: VR With The Best took place in the beginning weekend of December as a virtual conference platform: two days packed with lectures, demos, meetings and discussions – all organize
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Augmenting Realities at AWE 2016 Europe

The European edition of the Augmented World Expo AWE took place for the first time in Berlin in October 2016 to establish a meeting place for AR, VR and Wearable Technology innovators and a show case of their actual products in these areas. The exposition lined up a great variety of activities from established hardware manufacturers and research centers to upcoming start-ups and full service agencies, all dedicated t
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Mixed Realities at IFA 2016

Besides UHD and HDR television and smart home applications, Virtual Reality was a major trend at this year’s IFA in Berlin. You could visit all major players in consumer VR on the show floor, see a lot of VR marketing events at individual booths, listen to hardware manufacturer’s keynote speeches on VR or attend lectures and panels on the subject at the IFA summit. Two main insights were striking out for
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Half-Life VR at Gamescom 2016

This year 2016 is supposed to become the launching window for market-ready VR systems, and game industry’s biggest event show got ready for window dressing just in time. Together with the Game Developer Conference Europe and the Indiegame gathering Respawn, Gamescom 2016 provided an overview on VR’s actual market standings and future preparations: Sony’s PlayStation VR went life at the trade show, O
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Watch me on German News TV @ Gamescom

I got caught by a TV news team during my visit at the PlayStation VR booth on Gamescom’s trade visitor’s day, right after plugging out  of the stunning Batman VR experience. Watch my enthusiasm here:   This short interview is part of a news report from German TV station ZDF broadcasted in their daily news shows throughout the day. You can watch it here in the archives: ZDF Mittagsmagazin Aug 17, 2016
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VR’s Long Tail at Berlin Gamesweek 2016

This year’s International Gamesweek Berlin established Virtual Reality as one of the main topics for the professional gaming platforms as well as for the consumer and education gaming activities. Quo VRadis Berlin? The game developer conference QUO VADIS dedicated a whole  presentation streamline to VR topics, avoiding last year’s parallel sessions by means of audio headset channeling. Whereas last year&#
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