Kunstherzwerk (1991)

Video visualization of Oskar Schlemmer's Bauhaus essay on man and space

Art Computervideo on Bauhaus Philosophy

  • principle elements of Oskar Schlemmer’s essay ‘Mensch und Kunstfigur’ from 1925 are combined with ‘The unanswered question’ by Charles Ives from 1906
  • music video for modernist philosophy on man, space and time
  • several prizes on video art festivals
  • World tour through all German Institutes as part of exhibition on ‘German Video Art’
  • PAL Betacam, 15 min


computer imagery was later used for holographic art installation Der Begegner


Der Organismus Mensch steht in dem kubischen, abstrakten Raum der Bühne. Mensch und Raum sind gesetzerfüllt. Wessen Gesetz soll gelten? The human organism stands in the cubic, abstract space of the stage. Man and space are complied by law. Whose law should apply?
Oskar Schlemmer, Mensch und Kunstfigur

more info on Oskar Schlemmer here

Client:Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Date: July 19, 2013