Operation Osiris (1993), Virtual Reality Installation

Symbolic representation of a mythological Egyptian netherworld in a virtual reality simulation for cybernautic experiences in interaction design, space navigation and problem solving.
  • Puzzle elements
  • Pieces floating in space
  • Navigating in space
  • Grabbing for pieces
  • Adjusting angles and perspectives
  • Putting together the mummy
  • A tunnel inside the leg
  • Background projection live on stage
  • Meet the mummy

Basic Research Artwork

  • 3D puzzle of a human figure in a virtual reality world
  • test environment for use of goggles and gloves
  • player can change the positions of models and grab them like objects in the real world
  • player also can be inside the mummy or put its head on his own, like a virtual second body for a role playing game
  • interactive installation with all standard elements of VR (goggles, glove, symbol of the hand, walk-throughs, collison detection)
  • later used for virtual reality life performance in The Rebody


realized at Fraunhofer Institute/GMD
presented by Alfred Biolek at the CyberEvent 1994 in the Cinedom Cologne
presented as the recommendatory price at ARTEC 1995 in Nagoya, Japan
published on the CD-Rom “Cyberspace” by Systhema