VR-Mobility at Unite Europe 2018

Unity’s annual European developer gathering took place in Berlin this year. Only a few weeks before, the competing engine platform from Epic held it’s Unreal Fest Europe in the same city during Berlin Gamesweek. This was an excellent opportunity to check the state of VR on the developer front. Which engine is the driving force for developing virtual realities in Europe? Mobile VR is the mainstay UnityR
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CeBIT 2018 gets VR going

Good old CeBIT made a fresh start with the 2018 edition. After having lost traction on both sides of digitization in industrial and in consumer markets, this CeBIT redesign aimed to regain a position of relevance between the  Hannover Messe of Industrie 4.0  and consumer electronic shows like IFA, MWC and CES. Half of the show remained a traditional trade floor centered around data administration and industrial hardw
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Listen to me on Volumetric Video Production

During the opening of the VoluCap Volumetric Video Studio in Babelsberg, I had an interesting and very inspiring conversation with two friends on the subject. You can listen to it here (in German): http://www.daybyday.press/article6289.html   all images from interlake.net
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Building up momentum at VRX Europe 2018

This year’s edition of VRX Europe took place in Amsterdam. The two days conference program was packed with market outlooks, lectures, panels and demos. The first day was a general overview of VR trends, while the second day was split into two parallel workshop tracks for entertainment and industry applications. All these activities tackled the questions where VR is standing now, where VR can stand by for applic
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VR/AR gets serious at APITs Day 2018

The initially rather slow adoption of VR in consumer markets urges producers to find alternative playgrounds and application fields for their VR developments. Especially in Germany, investors and VR start-ups go now for B2B and industrial markets, hoping to find a more predictable and secured environment for their ventures. The expected security is mostly associated with public funding along the digitization of ̵
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VR in a blaze at A MAZE 2018

For the 10th edition of Indie game festival A MAZE, the event now took the center stage of Berlin Gamesweek 2018. Celebrating it’s first decade of experimental game development activities, the show continues to strike out as the festival’s most vibrant and dynamic platform. And it now remains the only showcase where VR rises and shines. Shining a light on Gaming VR The Indie show is a great place to disco
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VR goes to ground at Berlin Gamesweek 2018

My report on this year’s activities at Gamesweek Berlin will be rather short. While the festival provided interesting VR experiences on several platforms for the last three years, the 2018 edition was disspointing in terms of VR. With the glorious exception of the amazing A MAZE indie art show, all other event channels of Berlin Gamesweek 2018 were either completely ignoring or vastly under performing the subje
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VR in the limelight at IFA 2017

After a no-show at CeBIT and a low show without VR at Gamescom, Microsoft chose IFA in Berlin to be the stage for the upcoming Windows Mixed Reality program: keynote presentation, Windows Creator Update and a whole range of headset releases underlined Microsoft’s engagement and strategic approach to VR, MR and AR. With such an impressive lineup of announcements by this software giant alone, Virtual Reality quic
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VR gets settled at Gamescom 2017

In comparison to last year’s tradeshow, Virtual Reality got a little bit less attention at this year’s Gamescom. However, the new gaming platform established its continuous presence on the show floor, and the show’s preceding game developer conferences Devcom and Respawn dedicated an entire afternoon track to the subject of VR/AR/MR. VR under development at Devcom/Respawn Neither Respawn nor Devcom
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