Movie VR at MediaTechCon 2018

MediaTechCon is a new convention format, overarching three joint special events formerly related to media digitization, film technology and virtual reality. The event took place at the Berlin Babelsberg film studios and presented an extensive conference program, an expo area for immersive technologies and an award competition for VR applications. Given the rather traditional locality of the film studios and the fact
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Embedded VR at EGX Berlin 2018

UK’s most prominent gaming event EGX started a satellite show this year in Berlin. Taking place just a few weeks after Gamescom, I went there for a comparison, and for checking out the promotion of gaming VR. A regional playing field ‘for the players’ The size of EGX is just a small fraction of Gamescom, but this results in a more charming and intimate atmosphere here. Game testing is clearly the ma
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Deep Mining VR at IFA 2018

Virtual Reality was in the limelight at IFA 2017 when Microsoft introduced a series of Mixed Reality headsets with its partner companies. So, it was interesting to see what the big fuss was all about and if VR could be established as an emerging market segment on Europe’s most indicating trade show for consumer electronics also in the 2018 edition. Aftershow dust has settled Even if VR was not the big talk of t
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Gamescom 2018 multiplays VR

VR has established itself as a show runner at Gamescom booths with a general current of multiplayer games on display. But Nvidia took the main event out of the show with a sidelined presentation of a new graphic card generation on its own. Meanwhile on the show floor, location based entertainment now competes with home entertainment. This year’s Gamescom events played out the question if VR multiplayer games al
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Battle Royale VR at Geforce Gaming Celebration

Just before the opening of the Gamescom trade show, Nvidia presented it’s new graphic card generation on a remote event location, especially designed for the world premiere of the RTX series. The Geforce Gaming Celebration event manifested once again the growing gap between VR and traditional games. Nvidia promoted heavily the new raytracing capabilities for sequels of Tomb Raider, Metro and Battlefield. Neithe
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VR goes into detail at DevCom 2018

The ongoing slow adoption rate of VR for home entertainment risks to put the new medium into a state of stagflation. Instead of discussing new approaches and strategies to create incentives for a more dynamic market expansion, game developer conferences seem to shy away from thinking out of the box. The annual developer conference DevCom, taking place just before the Gamescom begins, did not make a lot of efforts to
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VR-Mobility at Unite Europe 2018

Unity’s annual European developer gathering took place in Berlin this year. Only a few weeks before, the competing engine platform from Epic held it’s Unreal Fest Europe in the same city during Berlin Gamesweek. This was an excellent opportunity to check the state of VR on the developer front. Which engine is the driving force for developing virtual realities in Europe? Mobile VR is the mainstay UnityR
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CeBIT 2018 gets VR going

Good old CeBIT made a fresh start with the 2018 edition. After having lost traction on both sides of digitization in industrial and in consumer markets, this CeBIT redesign aimed to regain a position of relevance between the  Hannover Messe of Industrie 4.0  and consumer electronic shows like IFA, MWC and CES. Half of the show remained a traditional trade floor centered around data administration and industrial hardw
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Listen to me on Volumetric Video Production

During the opening of the VoluCap Volumetric Video Studio in Babelsberg, I had an interesting and very inspiring conversation with two friends on the subject. You can listen to it here (in German): http://www.daybyday.press/article6289.html   all images from interlake.net
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