EU-China Management Exchange Program

The European Union and the People’s Republic of China offered a joined training program for managers, exchanging about 50 managers from each side for a workshop education in the respective partner market. In 2009-2010, I successfully participated in the 4th program selection of METP and spent one year in China, mostly based in Beijing. Later, I enhanced this experience with further training programs from international top universities to perform a rather comprehensive education for globalization and intercultural management.

The METP4 program covered the following topics:

  • Selection assessment workshop in Brussels
  • Exchange workshop programs with Chinese managers in China
  • Chinese business education workshop at CEIBS, Shanghai
  • Chinese business language education at UIBE, Beijing
  • Intercultural diplomacy at EU Embassy and European CoC in Beijing
  • Internship for interactive education programs at Beijing Normal University
  • Trade shows, conferences, political representations, company visits all over China
  • Complimentary online education (i.a. University of Pennsylvania, Ecole Centrale, Tokyo University, Hong Kong University), see here