The Rebody, a Cyberdrama (1993)

Transmedia production based on the use of a complete virtual reality system (goggles/gloves) and on ancient Egyptian mythologies
  • Osiris
  • Cyberthrone
  • Seth attacking
  • Osiris' death
  • Richy Müller as Seth
  • Isis escapes
  • Seth pursuing
  • Sasha Waltz as Isis
  • Mummy pieces
  • Seth scanning
  • Isis in Netherland
  • Navigation in VR
  • Seth looks out
  • Seth approaching
  • Mummy recompostion
  • Handmade resurrection
  • Osiris as virtual mummy
  • Seth in showdown
  • Horus survivor

Virtual Reality Performance

  • based on the use of virtual reality
  • combining live action with real-time animation
  • can be realized as an interactive theatre show
  • as a videogame
  • as a film
  • as a television show
  • transmedia concept realized as a 13 minutes videofilm


created and produced by Jochen Schmidt
principal actors: Richy Müller, Sasha Waltz
all production parts (animation, video, music) recorded live in real-time

real-time animation produced at Fraunhofer Institute/GMD; see Operation Osiris
video produced at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne

presented at the CyberEvent 1994 by Alfred Biolek in Cologne
European Media Arts Festval in Osnabrueck
Experimenta Theatre Festival in Melbourne in 1994
1995 Tokyo Video Festival
Imagina display booth at the Virtual Reality World in Stuttgart
Festival for Science Fiction and Fantasy Films in Brussels
ARTEC Biennale in Nagoya (recommendatory prize)
Intergalactica Festival of Horror Arts in Warsaw.
‘Making of’  published on the CD-ROM “Cyberspace” by Rowohlt Systhema Hamburg

press and reviews see here