Anotherland VR Expanded (2019)

  • Oculus Quest All-In-One system
  • Oculus Quest mobile version
  • natural locomotion with interaction controls
  • multi-platform interaction system
  • PSVR AIM controller
  • VirZOOM fitness bike
  • Engine framework for Virtual Reality game serial
  • proprietary IP and locomotion/embodiment solutions
  • proprietary multi-platform interaction solution (PS4/PC/AIO)
  • Oculus Quest compatible (Android mobile version)
  • PSVR Aim controller add-on (Survival mode)
  • PSVR VirZOOM installation (Fitness mode)
  • prototyped in Unity3D
  • exclusive focus on VR, basic intro for beginners see here
  • add-ons for core gaming audience and LBE VR
  • showcase materials see here