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VR’s Long Tail at Berlin Gamesweek 2016

This year’s International Gamesweek Berlin established Virtual Reality as one of the main topics for the professional gaming platforms as well as for the consumer and education gaming activities. Quo VRadis Berlin? The game developer conference QUO VADIS dedicated a whole presentation streamli
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VR for daily use at IFA 2015

This year’s IFA presented only a few novelties in the show’s main theme area of television and home entertainment appliances: flat screens start to compete with computers for smart home dominance now; the health and fitness sector gets digital with wearables on a large scale, and Virtual
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VR goes to market at Gamescom 2015

Virtual Reality was one of the main topics during Cologne’s game festivities around Gamescom 2015. GDC Europe and Respawn Conference laid the ground with making-of and how-to lectures for developers covering general introductions into VR, design and interaction issues, system architecture and
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Immersion into FMX 2015

‘Immersion’ was one of the main topics of this year’s 20th-anniversary edition of FMX in Stuttgart, an annual lineup of selected SIGGRAPH lectures and special effect trends in film and interactive entertainment industry. Like in the two decades before, this year’s lineup of b
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VR at Berlin Games Week 2015

The 2015 edition of Berlin Gamesweek showed that Virtual Reality continues to be a hot area of innovation for the game industry. VR was one of the main topics at the developer conference Quo Vadis, there was a strong lineup of VR showcases at the indie game festival A Maze, and the popular Gamefest
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Sony’s VR Project Morpheus at Quo Vadis Conference 2014

Sony Development Services Europe presented some more details on their upcoming new VR features for PlayStation4 at the Quo Vadis Game Developer Conference during the International Games Week in Berlin. The presentation focused on general design strategies for future VR developments without specifyin
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